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My journey that lead me to becoming a hypnotherapist began in 2006. Facing symptoms of postpartum depression, I visited my OBGYN, who after listening to me through a lot of tears, said, "I could write you a prescription, and it might help you, or you can take this card, she is not only a great therapist, but a very good friend."

I left the office with the card, not the prescription, and thus began my journey of discovery and healing. I understood immediately about his comment of her being a great therapist. What made her different was she used hypnosis as part of her practice of therapy. The first time I tried it, I was skeptical but open, she was a gifted therapist and I trusted her that hypnosis could benefit me. In the very first session, I had a profound experience, healing old wounds my mind had remained latched onto. The impact of healing had a further profound effect on my life.

I was looking at everything with a new sense of gratitude, self-worth and purpose. I proceeded to have a very successful next 10+ years. during that time, I became a certified coach through multiple leadership seminars and courses, I began to understand how powerful perception is and how freeing it was when we are able to shift it. It was after the loss of both my parents, about 12 years later, that I returned to hypnotherapy (with this same therapist) to explore an increasing sense of uncertainty of purpose I was feeling. About the same time, the unexpected happened. I sustained multiple head injuries from an accidental fall, after which followed a 2-year recovery / rehabilitation process.

My life had been forever altered, my career over. This was a new beginning for me, a journey of rediscovering myself and my purpose. While I did not miss the fast-paced business world, I did miss being involved in the personal development of others. I remain grateful to my therapist/mentor who seemingly did not have retirement plans, and that I now considered my mentor and friend. She helped guide me throughout this time, even encouraging me to become certified in hypnosis, and NLP (neurolinguistic programming). And as there are no coincidences, I found a phenomenal school (and the only state certified school, nationally), right in Florida! Suffice to say, this has been the most fulfilling and joyful chapter of my life thus far.

Mind, body, and Spirit. We are all a work in progress, and I am a living example, my purpose is to promote healing that is unique as is each person seeking it. I help you discover what is already within you, so YOU may unlock the power of your own mind, for whatever you want to achieve.

What Can I Do for You?​

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No matter if you are just curious and having a look around, or if you are seeking answers, it's likely I can help you discover what you are searching for... Here are some examples of what I have helped my clients with...

Change your Mind... Change your life!

  • OCD


  • Anxiety

  • Eating disorders

  • Identity struggles

  • Anger management

  • Depression

  • Habits & Addiction (smoking, narcotics, alcohol)

  • Sports performance

  • PTSD

  • Grief & Loss

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Work performance

  • Test anxiety

  • Chronic Pain Management

  • Weight loss

  • Chronic illness

  • Improving health & nutrition*

  • Brain health*

  • Naturopathic Health* Assessment & Evaluation

*Healing Oasis Package

  • Manifesting prosperity

  • Feeling "stuck" / Moving forward

  • Letting go

  • Grief & Forgiveness

  • Past Life Regression ~Life Between

  • Life Regression ~Breathwork

Breakthrough Transformational Life Coaching...

  • Help to achieve health, personal or business goals

  • Accountability for necessary life changes

  • Gain more self awareness

  • Discover your true path

  • Invest in You 

  • Invest in Change

  • Live the life you deserve

What Clients Are Saying


From my initial consult with Mindy, I immediately felt at ease, like we had known one another our entire lives. Not expecting anything in-particular, just curious to see if hypnosis could help me with my struggles of anxiety, depression, and weight gain. She is insightful and lucid, without explaining much to her, she was able to understand precisely what limiting beliefs I had developed. The sessions I have had made a big impact on me mentally, physically and emotionally, Mindy helped me see how to move on and let go of the pain from past events, empowering me to see my current strengths and abilities to express compassion for myself. It's a wonderful and powerful experience. I highly recommend Mindy, you will not be disappointed!

Michele H.

Client Testimonial


"I came to Mindy, exploring a Past Life Regression. During the consultation, I knew she was a perfect fit for me. We did our session on-line, so I was at home, in my own space. I had an amazing first experience, then realized I wanted to do more with her. I've worked with her over 4 sessions now, and I am seeing so may postive changes in my life, because I am changing!

Anthony S.

Client Testimonial


"As a therapist, I find so much value in what Mindy is able to do! I was referred to Mindy when exploring options in coping with personal grief. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and the healing process I experienced was extremely deep and exactly what I needed. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, and can be applied in many different scenarios. I refer all my interested clients to Mindy.

Amanda B.

Client Testimonial

Let me help you achieve your goals.

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Disclaimer: We understand that every individual's experience is unique and results may vary depending on various factors, such as attitude, adaptability, personal history, and overall health. For your safety and well-being, we highly recommend consulting your physician before beginning any program. At Hypnosis by Mindy, we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe any medical or psychological disorders. We urge you to seek the care of a qualified physician or psychotherapist if you suffer from any psychological or medical disorder. Thank you for choosing Hypnosis by Mindy as your partner in your journey towards wellness.

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