Imagine life with your child when they...

Improve study skills

Increase confidence

Improve self-esteem

Enjoy accelerated learning

Improve memory & focus

Connect to natural motivation

Improve test performance

Improve athletically

Enjoys stress reduction

Eliminate bed wetting

Resolve fears like, stage fright

Stop procrastination

Resolve dishonest behavior

Improve public speaking

Stop nail biting

Let go of anger and frustration

Stop overeating

Reduce fear and overwhelm

Hypnosis for kids is effective because it engages elements that resonate with the adolescent brain – Fantasy and imagination. Using these elements, we can introduce children to their inner, higher resources – show them how they can be in control of their own mind, their bodies and well-being. We can also give them valuable tools for managing perceptions to their inside world and responses to the outside world around them.

Whether at home or at school, kids are trying to navigate current situations reflecting patterns they developed as young children. Add to that, the pressures they feel to be like everyone else, and the beliefs they have about themselves, the result is stress that manifests as any number of maladaptive behaviors and habits. Through hypnosis, coaching, NLP and EFT, we can transform limiting beliefs, remove negative blocks and emotions, giving your child every opportunity to thrive and grow into the best person he or she can be.

For more about the process that I recommend, please schedule a free consultation.

Feedback from parents...

"Shelly has benefited so much from working with you! She loves school now and can focus when she needs to! "

"McKenzie loves her time with you and is doing SO MUCH BETTER... She no longer has the behavior issues in group settings."

"Nick's confidence on the field has been a game changer! He made the varsity team!"

"Colby came home, already amazed by the effects from one session with you! He stopped biting his nails!"

What Clients Are Saying


From my initial consult with Mindy, I immediately felt at ease, like we had known one another our entire lives. Not expecting anything in-particular, just curious to see if hypnosis could help me with my struggles of anxiety, depression, and weight gain. She is insightful and lucid, without explaining much to her, she was able to understand precisely what limiting beliefs I had developed. The sessions I have had made a big impact on me mentally, physically and emotionally, Mindy helped me see how to move on and let go of the pain from past events, empowering me to see my current strengths and abilities to express compassion for myself. It's a wonderful and powerful experience. I highly recommend Mindy, you will not be disappointed!

Michele H.

Client Testimonial


"I came to Mindy, exploring a Past Life Regression. During the consultation, I knew she was a perfect fit for me. We did our session on-line, so I was at home, in my own space. I had an amazing first experience, then realized I wanted to do more with her. I've worked with her over 4 sessions now, and I am seeing so may postive changes in my life, because I am changing!

Anthony S.

Client Testimonial


"As a therapist, I find so much value in what Mindy is able to do! I was referred to Mindy when exploring options in coping with personal grief. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and the healing process I experienced was extremely deep and exactly what I needed. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, and can be applied in many different scenarios. I refer all my interested clients to Mindy.

Amanda B.

Client Testimonial

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